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Elevate Your

Mental Health

Yoga & Meditation

Being Radical is a healing space which empowers you

to build a life of peace, ease, and well-being.

Your past, however painful, can be used to inspire your dreams for the life you deserve.


Be Free, Be True, Be Radical.

Yoga Practices

Radical Self-Care Practice Guides

Private Yoga and Meditation

Whether you are a beginning yogi or you practice yoga daily – you will find the experience you neeed to unlock your healing journey.

In each class, you will advance your yoga practice, dance to everything from rap to smooth RnB, and leave your mat with a greater sense of peace and joy.

Being Radical is a healing community that emphasizes the need to care for ourselves in the face of oppressive realities.

Through our radical self-care practice guides you will be encouraged to take tangible steps towards the life you deserve.

Do you need more one-on-one time to deepen your yoga and meditation practice?

You’ve come to the right space. Accelerate, focus, and enhance your practice with private yoga and meditation offerings. Schedule your private practice today!

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